Tuesday, April 29, 2014

So. Many. Art. Books.

Before we start adding these two new collections, we already have: 75 books on technique; 90 on architecture; 198 history and criticism; 70 photography; 211 individual artists; 97 museum exhibit catalogues; 52 fashion and design.

Who's in there? Everyone from Chagall to Alvarez Munoz, Wyeth to Daumier, the Etruscans to Seymour Lipton, Sir Kenneth Clark to Dave Hickey, Boerner catalogues to University of Iowa Museum of Art collections, books on photography lighting and on life drawing and on mosaic tiling and on jewelry making, and stuff about 50's industrial motifs and art quilts and the history of costume, and how about Japanese brush painting and Celtic artifacts and street art and naive movements? Oh, and there's at least one book on Marvin Cone and a big full-color Toulouse-Lautrec one that just came in....

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