Thursday, September 12, 2013


We have been approved for financing, so later this year, we will be moving to our new home at 219 N. Gilbert Street.

Thank you for all the curiosity, excitement, support, cardboard box offers, help offers, and general absolutely delightful supportiveness you have shown us during this process. You've made what might have been an incredibly stressful prospect fun!

The bad news: Murphy-Brookfield won't be right down the street from us anymore. (Murphy-Brookfield Books is shifting to an online format for their business, and they kindly let us make an early offer on their building, hence the familiar address.)

The good news: The Haunted will have growing equity in a beautiful, historic home, which will help us to remain stable and committed to the Iowa City book community for decades to come.

Moving dates are not yet set (because we have not yet officially scheduled the upgrades we'd like to do *before* moving 40,000 books into the house), but we will keep you informed.