Wednesday, February 8, 2012

First Officer's Log No 43: Out of Hibernation

Greetings, fellow bibliophiles. I realize that we're into the second week of February 2012 here, but we at The Haunted Bookshop are still alive and kicking. Winter has been mild and reasonably friendly to us, though we are into something of a temporary quiet season, but we are still buying, selling, and trading books, and still running around with puppets and acting in our general silly fashions.

We are in something of a weird winter-to-spring transition, with cool temperatures, but some nice sunshine to break through the gray days.

We've recently been stocking up on literature and mystery, as well as quite a bit of Japanese and Russian history. We came into a fantastic selection of business and business-management books a few weeks back, covering topics like kaizen and Sigma Six management styles. They are in beautiful condition, some nearly new. There is also a huge amount of evolutionary biology for the science lovers in our little town.

So, if you are out and about and find you need a warm place to curl up for awhile with a book and a cat, we have our two friendly fluffy friends and some nice cozy chairs.

We look forward to seeing you!

Until next time, fellow bibliophiles.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

This Is Why We Have No LEGOs...

"Give me 15 minutes and some imagination and I'll build you a LEGO manitou!" - Ali, after Nialle mentioned wanting a LEGO archetype set